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User Crashes

Drastically improve the feedback you get when your customers encounter problems.



What Your Development Team Really Wants.

BugSplat automated software crash reporting is the perfect gift for your entire team this holiday season. With BugSplat’s crash reporter your team will no longer have to worry about debugging a user crash, replicating a critical error, or guessing which defects to fix. It’s real crash data that makes supporting your software a breeze.
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Your toolbox for handling user crashes.


Determine What's Wrong


BugSplat helps you determine what’s wrong with your software, removing the need to reproduce user crashes. Never struggle to reproduce user errors again, just check the report in BugSplat to easily find the cause of the crash. Each crash report comes with an individual crash ID, stack trace, user description of the event, and other important information.

Figure Out How To Fix It


With BugSplat’s automated crash analysis tools, you are given all information you need to target and destroy those bugs that are the largest nuisance for your user base. The difference is like trying to walk through a cluttered room in the dark versus one with a bright light bulb. BugSplat is the best crash reporter around for C++, .NET, Java, and OS X.

Delight Your Users


Use BugSplat to identity priority fixes and make your product more stable. You can also create automated responses to specific types of crashes. This way you can start helping with critical errors immediately. BugSplat is crash reporting done right. To see how we could help your team – take a look at our Product Tour.

What others think about BugSplat.


"BugSplat has really improved the visibility we have on crashes. Previously, we knew that our product crashed but we had no concrete data. BugSplat has given us that much needed data, and allows us to prioritize which crashes we focus on based on the statistics provided on the Crash Summary page."

John Ulmer

"I feel like we’ve got an extra set of hands helping us ship this game :)"

Remy Saville

"Integrating BugSplat redefined the way we speak. Instead of saying the product crashed, we say it SPLATTED. QA is as big of a fan as Development on your product.... customers like that we use BugSplat, as it helps show that we are listening to their needs."

Julie Matson

Drastically improve feedback when your users encounter problems.

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