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BugSplat can be found on over 100 million computers around the globe, helping developers diagnose and fix critical errors in their software applications. BugSplat enables you to determine which defects need to be fixed by showing how frequently they are experienced by your users. Detailed crash data gathered by BugSplat then helps you fix your software more efficiently than ever before.



Precise Crash Data

Precise Crash Data

Crash reports from BugSplat provide detailed debugger-like crash info that includes a full call stack with function names and
line numbers.

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Data Driven Support

Analytics Driven Support

BugSplat can process hundreds of thousands of individual crash reports, group each report with the defect that caused it, and, based on frequency, tell you which defects are the most important to fix now.

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Cross Platform Integration

Your application works across multiple platforms, that’s why BugSplat does as well. With BugSplat you can easily report crashes from C++, .NET, Java, OS X and more.

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Our Customers



"BugSplat has really improved the visibility we have on crashes. Previously, we knew that our product crashed but we had no concrete data. BugSplat has given us that much needed data, and allows us to prioritize which crashes we focus on based on the statistics provided on the Crash Summary page."

John Ulmer
John Ulmer

"I feel like we’ve got an extra set of hands helping us ship this game :)"

Remy Saville
Remy Saville

"Integrating BugSplat redefined the way we speak. Instead of saying the product crashed, we say it SPLATTED. QA is as big of a fan as Development on your product.... customers like that we use BugSplat, as it helps show that we are listening to their needs."

Julie Matson
Julie Matson

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