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  • I feel like we’ve got an extra set of hands helping us ship this game :)
    -Remy Saville, Relic
  • "Integrating BugSplat redefined the way we speak. Instead of saying the product crashed, we say it SPLATTED. QA is as big of a fan as Development on your product.... customers like that we use BugSplat, as it helps show that we are listening to their needs."
    - Julie Matson, Newforma, Inc.
  • "BugSplat has really improved the visibility we have on crashes. Previously, we knew that our product crashed but we had no concrete data. BugSplat has given us that much needed data, and allows us to prioritize which crashes we focus on based on the statistics provided on the Crash Summary page."
    -  John Ulmer, Google
  • "BugSplat is a key component of our software quality effort. Switching to this has allowed us much more visibility into customer problems. It's crash reporting done right."
    - Mike Garrett, Brainspawn.


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