About BugSplat Software

BugSplat Software is a small software company which makes crash reporting tools for software companies. Our mission is to revolutionize the way developers support their applications though analysis of crash data.

Founded in 2003 as a side-project for a small team of passionate engineers, BugSplat can now be found on more than 100 million desktops around the globe as an integral part of some of the world’s most popular software programs.

Over the years we’ve excitedly watched as our side-project grew into something much larger than we could have ever imagined. We printed t-shirts for the 10K, 100K, and 1 million crash reports processed milestones, and remarked with amazement as the numbers and our business continued to grow exponentially. Today, we analyze so many crashes that we can’t find a t-shirt big enough to accommodate that many zeros!

We are really proud of what we do here at BugSplat. We are pleased to save development teams all over the world money, time and countless headaches by helping them find the right bugs to fix. This helps them create better, more stable applications, which are passed on to millions of users around the globe.


Meet Our Team