Crash reporting should make your team better, not busier.

Cross-platform crash reporting for your software without the headache, hassle, or cost of maintaining your own solution.

100 million better user experiences.


Crash reports from BugSplat help developers improve
the stability and user experience for software
and video games on more than 100 million
desktops around the globe.


Automatic data on crashes allows you to...

See the impact of user crashes in real-time.

Use BugSplat to monitor application stability and to see how often crashes affect your users. Our customizable alerts keep you informed of potential software disasters when the number of crashes rises.

Get useful user feedback.

It’s a confusing and frustrating experience for users when software crashes. Without a direct way to report them, users feel abandoned and coders and programmers lose valuable data about their software. BugSplat helps you capture this data and let’s your users be heard.

Save crucial time fixing bugs.

When a defect needs to be fixed, BugSplat provides you with detailed, debugger-like information to help you correct it quickly. Each individual crash report shows symbolic call stacks with function names and line numbers as well as other crash-specific information.

Track your crashes across multiple platforms.

Your applications work on multiple platforms and so does BugSplat, which allows easy reporting from C++, .NET, Java, OS X, Breakpad, and Unitycoming soon all in one place.

BugSplat has helped immensely with the online beta testing of Moonman. It was super easy to set up and customize to fit within my game.
Ben Porter Game Developer, Moonman
BugSplat is great. How did we live without it before? I love the way BugSplat helps us when we cannot reproduce a crash.
Brigid McGowan QA, Newforma
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