Crash Reporting for Software Applications

BugSplat crash report analysis provides complete data on defects that plague your application or video game. BugSplat currently helps developers track and fix crashes for more than 100 million users around the globe.

Precise Data on User Crashes

Crash reports from BugSplat provide detailed debugger-like crash info that includes a full call stack with function names and line numbers at the moment of your user’s crash.

Support Your Application Effortlessly

BugSplat takes all of your user crashes and shows you which individual defects are causing the most problems and are therefore most critical for your team to fix.

Cross-Platform Integration

Your application works across multiple platforms, that’s why BugSplat does as well. With BugSplat you can easily report crashes from C++, .NET, Java, OS X, and more.

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BugSplat has helped immensely with the online beta testing of Moonman. It was super easy to set up and customize to fit within my game.
Ben Porter Game Developer, Moonman
BugSplat is great. How did we live without it before? I love the way BugSplat helps us when we cannot reproduce a crash.
Brigid McGowan QA, Newforma

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